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FOC Collection is a range of Interior products and Accessories, which FOC commercializes through its global distribution partners. Our exclusive designs are trendsetters in the new era of digitally generated consumer products.

These products are much more than stunning beauties. They are also models for localized manufacturing and distribution logistics where no stock, no assembly, minimal transportation, environmentally friendliness and just-in-time production are the future goals.

All of our designs use the latest manufacturing techniques, which enable the direct manufacturing of products via 3D Software and they push the envelope of innovation to its limits.

1597 - is based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers appearing in nature all around us. 1597 is inspired by the Coneflower and the growing pattern of its seeds. All the holes in this shade are arranged around the bulb, so no matter where you look at it, you can’t escape the beautiful rays of light it creates.

1597 can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. A strong decorative shape, that works well both as a single light and in multiple sequence arrangements. interior Innovation Award Cologne 2006.

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Design: Janne Kyttanen

Janne Kyttanen was born in 1974 in Hameenlinna, Finland. He started his industrial design studies at the Escola De Disseny, Elisave in Barcelona in 1996, and then moved to the Netherlands to continue his schooling at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. He graduated in the spring of 2000 from the same Academy.

During his studies, Janne proved the potential of using Rapid Prototyping techniques as manufacturing tools and introduced a line of Augmented Reality based Rapid Manufactured products as his thesis for graduation. The project was sponsored by the Human Interface Laboratory of the University of Washington and the European leader in Rapid Prototyping, Materialise.

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Designer Janne Kyttanen

Availability: In stock

Light dimensions: Ø 32 x 16 cm

Package dimensions: 43 x 43 x 27 cm

Color: white 

Type sconce: wall / ceiling

Nr. 652.838
Country of origin: Netherlands

Availability: In stock

Light dimensions: Ø 50 x 16 cm

Package dimensions: 57 x 57 x 25 cm

Color: white 

Type sconce: wall / ceiling

Nr. 652.839
Country of origin: Netherlands

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