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Schmitz-Leuchten was founded in 1932 and today manufactures decorative-technical lighting fixtures and lighting systems, Schmitz lighting units provide innovative lighting solutions for commercial and private use. Their products are distinguished by their functional design combined with pure aesthetic lines and a high standard of quality. Their belief is that transparency is key in developing long lasting relationships.

Their Showroom is the creation of a modern innovative exhibition area where they  can present the various Schmitz product ranges for you: SYSTEMS, INDIVIDUAL LIGHTING as well as the G-CONCEPT range, within a unique combination of gypsum plasterboard components provided with the suitable lighting techniques. All their  products are skilfully displayed with a variety of lighting- and control techniques. The new showroom provides a basis for making customer calls, carrying-on training sessions and seminars, and enables us to give you the proper backup support in lighting-technical planning with Schmitz Products.

Quality, design and the use of the latest technology give Schmitz-Leuchten a top position on the market today.

Airport - pendant light. With AIRPORT lights, high-ceiling foyers, halls and corridors, as well as sales areas in particular, are perfectly illuminated and highlighted. The light is provided by pendant light fixtures with adjustable elevation, as well as tilt-and-swivel ceiling lights. If desired, both can be fitted with an opalescent glass reflector for even light distribution or with a metal reflector for targeted lighting.

This product comes in different reflector, mounting type and models, please specify with your order.

For more details please check the PDF below.

Supplementary information

Availability: In stock

Dimensions: ø25 x 365 cm (L x H)

Housing: nickel mat

Reflector: glass opal / metal

Mounting: 1 x TC-TEL, 42 W, GX24q-4 / 1 x HIT-CE, 70 W, G12 / 1 x HIT-CE, 150 W, G12

Models: with electronic ballast / electronic ballast DIM 1 - 10 V / electronic ballast DIM DALI

Price: from 475.36 € to 629.08 €

Nr. 656.223
Country of origin: Germany

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