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AMADO is a wardrobe with sliding doors with solid wooden profiles covered with wengé.

This product is custom made. For finishes, colours and materials please view the catalogue.

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Design: Pietro Arosio

He was born in Lissone (Milan), 1946. After graduating from the Monza Art Institute in 1965, he started his career as a designer at a leading firm specialized in designing and manufacturing institutional furniture. This experience proved crucial for Arosio's design philosophy in all the years that followed. In 1972 he set up his industrial designer's practice. Particularly meaningful during that period were his kitchen designs. He was awarded the Casaviva d'Oro first prize in 1983 for them. The fundamental traits of his work are the spare forms, which are often tied to research on, and the application of new technologies and materials. In addition, even the tiniest details are defined at the design stage to verify whether they can be mass-produced; this work is done in close collaboration with the producers's engineering departments. However, he never underestimates the product’s emotional content and on many occasion, with EmmeBi, he has collaborated with internationally acclaimed artists such as Ugo Nespolo, Lucio del Pezzo, Hsiao Chin, Mimmo Rotella, Joe Tilson, Keizo Morishita, in order to imbue mass-produced products with artistic value. Some of his works have been displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum of London and the Munich Die Sammlung modern art museum.

Web-Site from Designer: www.pietroarosio.it

Designer Pietro Arosio

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Width: 154 / 204 / 229 / 274 / 304 / 409 / 454 cm

Height: 230.5 / 263 cm

Depth: 67cm

Nr. 651.243
Country of origin: Italy

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