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Bouquet Mosaic

Bisazza is one of the most authoritative luxury design brands, and a world leader in the production of glass mosaics for the decoration of interiors and exterior decoration. Established in 1956 in Alte Vicenza, Northern Italy, the company has become a trailblazer, marked by a dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, a mastery of modern technologies with an ability to read and anticipate the need of global market.

Glass mosaic of square and bevelled tesserae, facial dimensions 10 x 10 mm, with a thickness of 4 mm. Sold by the module (1 module = 36 sheets = 129,1 x 290,5 cm = 3,73 sqm). Minimum order module: Bouquet A or Bouquet B. For orders of more than one module, the correct alternation of A and B (or B and A) modules is necessary to achieve the appropriate effect. 


Design: Carlo Dal Bianco

Carlo Dal Bianco, architect and designer, opens his studio in Vicenza in 1993.
Vicenza, the “City of the Palaces”, a Renaissance city, represents a precise stylistic choice that decomes the starting point of a close relationship between Dal Bianco’s personal and professional style and Palladio’s historical architecture.
Dal Bianco’s artistic journey, and his architectural style, starts from that moment on.

Since the beginning of his career, Carlo Dal Bianco dedicates particular attention to the renovation of ancient palaces and buildings of the past. His passion for the historical architecture, for both the exterior and interior details of the buildings, his interest in collecting various items, convey him to include interior design projects (for a private clientele) inside his portfolio.

In 2001, Carlo Dal Bianco renovates the Headquarters of the Bisazza spa. From that moment a fertile and profitable collaboration begins that will define the new face of the brand: from the design of most of the brand collections to the design and development of the Bisazza flagship stores around the world.

In 2004 and 2006, Carlo Dal Bianco wins the Elle Decoration International award.
Carlo Dal Bianco meantime collaborates with other manufacturers. He is the designer of furnishing pieces and accessories. Since 2008 Dal Bianco works with Fuerstenberg, a prestigious porcelain manufacturer, for which he designed a collection for high-end gastronomy.

Web-Site from Designer: www.carlodalbianco.it

Designer Carlo Dal Bianco

Availability: In stock

Finish: Glass mosaic of square and bevelled tesserae.

Dimensions: 10 x 10 mm, with a thickness of 4 mm.

Nr. 700.142

Availability: In stock

Finish: Glass mosaic of square and bevelled tesserae.

Dimensions: 10 x 10 mm, with a thickness of 4 mm.

Nr. 700.143

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