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Our exceptional range of inset sinks are without compromise and deliver advanced, innovative designs. Manufactured from high-grade materials, they are designed with cutting-edge style in mind.

Franke is the world’s largest sink manufacturer,  providing you with the very best in quality and design to make your kitchen beautiful.

The kitchen is the one place in which you can best express your own personal style. Most of your time at home is spent in the kitchen - it should be a place of comfort for you.

Holder for 800 mm cabinet. Full-size Gourna 340 x 420 x 200 mm. Size Small Gourna 340 x 420 x 200 mm. Open Bench 1140 x 480 mm.


Availability: In stock

Finish: black / coffee / beige / polar white

Dimensions: 1160 x 500 mm

Nr. 960.698, EAN: 114.0167.405
Country of origin: Greece

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