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Micio Baby

The real passion and love for color that has always characterized Giorgio Saporiti’s work, together with the essential lines of his design and with the guarantee of a 100% Made in Italy craft-based production make Il Loft the perfect herald of Italian design around the world. And each piece of furniture a living witness of how tradition can happily make the eye to modernity.

Micio Baby - easychair.

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Design: Giorgio Saporiti

When he was a little kid, he used to wonder at the colors, sounds and flavors of nature. As an adult, he was stunned by the masterpieces of great architects such as Gio Ponti and Marco Zanuso, or Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe and Oscar Niemeyer.

The search for Beauty, in all its forms, is what has always motivated Giorgio Saporiti. As an architect and a designer, he is in love with colors (“without them, there is no life”); but his multifaceted nature made it possible for him to be, at the same time, also an excellent entrepreneur as well as a living antenna for design and fashion trends. It does not come as a surprise, then, to hear that Giorgio Saporiti is considered by those who know him “an unstoppable ideas generating machine”. His world of fabrics, furniture, and interiors actually seems to regenerate itself infinitely and to give life to creations that have the amazing capacity to be at the same time trendy but evergreen.

His rational, pure lines are able to bring out emotions, his color palettes mingle one with the other, his couplings are often hazardous but always end up providing a perfect harmony. These are the characteristics that made up the success of the company that Giorgio Saporiti himself created in 1994, Il Loft, a brand that is now universally recognized as a herald of Made in Italy quality.
His recipe for success? “Designing so that all furniture and interior is a reflection of the client’s taste and soul. So that he or she is happy to live in it”.

“The unavoidable cycle of transformation also challenges our ideas of home. When I create something, I always keep this in mind: interiors will have to be in tune with the ever-changing world around us”.


Website for designer: www.giorgiosaporiti.com

Designer Giorgio Saporiti

Availability: In stock

Dimensions: 60 x 57 x 63 h cm

Materials: plane fabric / microfibre (Dinamica) / leather (Aliseo) / alcantara / leather (nuvola) / leather (brezza) / customer own material

Models: MI10

Price: from 774.08 € to 1474.36 €

Nr. 657.922
Country of origin: Italy

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