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In 1958, Dr. Roger Bacon, American physicist, created the first high performance carbon fiber fabric out of graphite filaments. The industrials quickly understood the potential of that discovery and heavily invested in further research. 1969 saw the first industrial production of carbon fiber. The name carbon fiber comes from the fact that just like fabric fiber it is made of thin wires, braided together to form a mesh. This important invention is destined to revolutionize various industries: sport, navigation, automotive, aeronautics and aerospace.

The material is resistant, but also light and flexible, which is why it was used for building the entire structure of the Boeing 787. Imagine the rims of the wheels of a car made of carbon fiber, weighing 5 kg less than similar aluminum ones. Carbon fiber is also conquering space and becomes a building material for the heat shields of the Space Shuttle facing extreme temperature ranges, and set to resist incomparable mechanical stresses. Carbon fiber is a major player in the evolution of the Formula 1 cars as well as the America’s Cup boats, cutting through the waves of the Atlantic with sails 5 times stronger than the steel ones. Carbon fiber really fears nothing! It is impossible to resist the charm of a material so versatile, living up to unmatched performance. The secret lies in the mastery of its potential.

Fluid - designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini, is a chaise longue, where the representation of the movement is the representation of existence.

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Design: Massimo Iosa Ghini

Massimo Iosa Ghini (Bologna, 1959) is an architect, graduated from the Polytechnic of Milan. Since 1985 participates at the forefront of Italian design, Bolidismo for the group, which he founded, and is part of the Memphis group with Ettore Sottsass.

His professional development as an architect is expressed in product design, architectural and museum planning, public transport, as well as in the design of retail chains all over the world, developing projects for major international groups such as Ferrari, Capital Group, IBM Italia, CMC Group Miami, Seat Yellow Pages, Alitalia and many others.

His design and architectural works have received important honorable mention including that of the Compasso D’Oro Award ADI, and various awards including the Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum, the Red Dot Award and the iF Product Design Award, Germany, the Roscoe Award, USA, the IAI AWARD Green Design Global Award and the IAI Awards, Shanghai, China.

In 2013 the most important institution of Italian project, the Triennale di Milano, dedicated an entire anthology to his 30-year professional career, from the beginning to the sustainable present. 


Website for designer: www.iosaghini.it

Designer Massimo Iosa Ghini
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Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 198 cm (W x H x D)

Material: carbon fiber

Colours: natural carbon fiber / olive green / pure white / cappuccino / passion red

Finishes: matte / glossy

Nr. 658.592
Country of origin: Italy

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