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In 1958, Dr. Roger Bacon, American physicist, created the first high performance carbon fiber fabric out of graphite filaments. The industrials quickly understood the potential of that discovery and heavily invested in further research. 1969 saw the first industrial production of carbon fiber. The name carbon fiber comes from the fact that just like fabric fiber it is made of thin wires, braided together to form a mesh. This important invention is destined to revolutionize various industries: sport, navigation, automotive, aeronautics and aerospace.

The material is resistant, but also light and flexible, which is why it was used for building the entire structure of the Boeing 787. Imagine the rims of the wheels of a car made of carbon fiber, weighing 5 kg less than similar aluminum ones. Carbon fiber is also conquering space and becomes a building material for the heat shields of the Space Shuttle facing extreme temperature ranges, and set to resist incomparable mechanical stresses. Carbon fiber is a major player in the evolution of the Formula 1 cars as well as the America’s Cup boats, cutting through the waves of the Atlantic with sails 5 times stronger than the steel ones. Carbon fiber really fears nothing! It is impossible to resist the charm of a material so versatile, living up to unmatched performance. The secret lies in the mastery of its potential.

Qube - carved out of a single piece of carbon fiber Qube can be a coffee table, a stool or just the perfect decor object, playing with light and shadows. Qube is a carbon sculpture that brings a touch of originality to any room. 

This product comes in different colours and finishes, please specify with your order.

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Dimensions: 46 x 46 x 46 cm (W x H x D)

Material: carbon fiber

Colours: natural carbon fiber / olive green / pure white / cappuccino / passion red

Finishes: matte / glossy

Nr. 658.598
Country of origin: Italy

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