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Atollo Twin

CATTELAN ITALIA was established in 1979 from an idea of Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, manufacturing initially " marble " elements, such as tables and coffee tables, focusing the business towards the export market.

Immediately the firm achieved very ambitious results throughout USA, Europe and the Far East. Today Cattelan Italia is proud to be displayed in more than 2500 of the most qualified showrooms in 104 countries around the world.

CATTELAN ITALIA….. is not only " the complete home ", it is also serenity and humanity, It is also opening the door and breathing the fragrance of objects dear to us. Attempting to arrive at the heart, furnishing with simplicity and refinement by joining the choice of the best materials to the style which represents it.

All this in enclosed in a single brand...CATTELAN ITALIA. 

Atollo Twin is a coffee table with base in white or black stretchy fabric. Top and swivel top in black painted glass or extra-clear white painted glass.

This product comes in different finishes, please specify with your order.


Design: Giorgio Cattelan

Giorgio Cattelan is the president and managing director of Cattelan Italia

Milan and Italy are still important points of reference in the world of design, but they have to know how to renew things with intelligence, preserving a sense of belonging to our cultural identity that has no equal in the world. Surely the Italian companies, medium and small, will still have a prominent role in the international design world. But there is the need to evolve, regarding both visibility abroad and ability to develop research and distribution.

Cattelan began to invest in foreign markets as early as 1970. When the Italian market was still booming, we decided to cross the borders. This choice, against the current, allowed us to immediately create an international mindset in the selection of products and markets. Research, creativity and innovation by themselves are no longer enough. We need to know the reality of the international market, investing in distribution and quality ideas. Today we export 80% in about 120 countries, with a ‘packet’ of 2000 clients. When we think of a new product, we try to make it work in most of the countries in which we operate. In Italy the furniture market will never reach a real industrial dimension: the big names that now exceed 100 million in revenue can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The many family businesses, such as ours, could transform their size limitations into an advantage: that of greater flexibility. Small companies are definitely leaner, and can therefore more easily and quickly diversify their products on the market.


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Designer Giorgio Cattelan
Atollo Twin
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Dimensions: 147/178 x 86 x 42 cm (L x W x H)

Materials: base - stretchy fabric, top - glass

Finishes: base - white / black, extra clear white / black

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Nr. 658.816
Country of origin: Italy

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