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Silvelox products: a heritage of craftsmanship, since 1961

Design and style

Domina by Silvelox offers a wide range of interior doors characterized by a strong personality; the collections combine style, technical innovation and material’s high quality, making the door the real protagonist.

Domina internal door collections are differentiated by their structural parts, which determine the aesthetical aspects of the door.

The wide range offers customers a great choice between honeycomb sandwich doors, framed doors with different profiles or doors in glass, provided with wooden or aluminium frames, and in a great number of woods and finishes.

Domina sliding doors combine the handiness of a door that can easily unify or separate two rooms without compromising the aesthetical aspects of the house.

Besides the classical leaf door, all Domina interior door collections are also available in the sliding version, both with external visible mechanism, or embedded hidden mechanism, with 1 or 2 leafs.

Wayl Shine, designed by Gabriele e Oscar Buratti, balances contemporary design and refined details. It combines our Wayl metallic frame in extruded aluminium in different finishes with a double polished glass panel in a wide range of colours.

A researched effect that gives to the door the role of key element in the creation of spaces and houses with a great personality.

The frame is made from extruded aluminium and it is available in different colours, both in satin and shiny finish; it is extendable and can be mounted on the standard wooden counter frame. The upper frame and the lateral frame are in aluminium.

Door with leaf with extruded aluminium frame and 4 mm thick double sheet varnished tempered glass.

This product comes in different sizes, finishes and door frame colours, please specify with your order.

To see all the configurations of this product, please check the PDF below.




For 50 years Silvelox has been making entrance ways designed to raise the prestige and elegance of all types of property. A love of wood, and ground-breaking new ways of using it, have remained at the heart of the business as it has grown over the decades. Today, they still believe in the art of the craftsman, and all our doors are carefully hand finished using time-honored, traditional methods. But it is a marriage of old and new, because Silvelox operates a policy of continuous innovation and each door incorporates mechanical elements that are nothing less than state-of-the-art.

Absolute perfection is an unattainable goal, but they  pursue it relentlessly and with passion at Silvelox. Through constant Research & Development, their product range is ever expanding, and the quality of each is unparalleled. Functionality improves year on year too. Take, for example, their proven, easy to use and reliable counter-balanced opening/closing mechanism. Though this has changed little over time,they make subtle enhancements every single year. Then there are their ranges of security entrance doors. An even greater emphasis on fine design reflects the style, sophistication and finesse of the rest of the property. Yet they offer unequaled protection against burglary or break-in attempts.Their latest developments included the magnetic latch for their Internal Doors. As well as the unique 180-degree opening hinge, allowing the door to sit flush against the wall when open.
It is this innovative attitude and attention to detail that sets them  apart from the competition.

Silvelox doors are created in Castelnuovo, in the beautiful Trentino region of Northern Italy, an area noted for its timber. With an abundance of high quality raw materials on its doorstep, Silvelox started out in business over one hundred years ago creating fine furniture. A love of wood, and innovative new ways of using it, remained at the heart of the business as it grew over the ensuing decades. In the 1960's the company identified a new business opportunity; to create high-quality, craftsmen-made garage doors (with an innovative patented self-lifting system) that are hand-finished using time honoured, traditional methods.

In the early days, most of our production went to the fine houses of Trento, but soon word spread and today Silvelox products will be found in prestigious properties all over Europe, and indeed throughout the world. Whether in traditional or contemporary styles, the Italian design influence is apparent, as is the beauty of the wood and the ease with which the doors operate. Silvelox has since widened its product range to include entrance and internal doors and have acquired two companies located in Northern Italy.

Today they employ over 130 people at our Castelnuovo workshops and, so that they can oversee the quality at each stage of production, nearly everything is produced here: from sawing and treating the wood, to installing the mechanical and electrical elements. Silvelox is the only company to produce a complete range of front, garage and internal doors to match each other perfectly. 

Because Silvelox designs both exterior and interior doors to perfectly match each other, you can maintain a cohesive design theme throughout your home. The exterior side of your Silvelox front door can match exactly to the finish of your garage door. A completely different wood and finish can be selected for the interior of the front door, to perfectly match your internal doors.

Complete design harmony can be created by the use of wood and the colour of the finish, as well as the fine details like handles and glasses. Silvelox doors are built to an exceptionally high specification; they represent an excellent investment and will greatly enhance the overall look of your property. The exterior aesthetic and overall look of your Home can be dramatically enhanced by the choice of doors. They often represent a significant percentage of the exterior elevation so choosing the right design solution is critical.

From Silvelox' extensive range, you will be able to select entrance, garage, double leaf and internal doors that complement the architecture, doors and windows of the house itself. Or, if you prefer, Silvelox will design bespoke doors to your specific requirements.


Manufacturer site: www.silvelox.it 

100% SAFE PURCHASES Each product is certified by the manufacturer
100% SAFE PURCHASES Each product is certified by the manufacturer
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