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Condotti mirror

In the history of the modern bed, the year 1978 was a milestone. It was the year that Flou was founded, a company with the precise objective of innovating the bedroom and create a new ‘sleep culture’. 

The company philosophy remained unchanged: to produce excellent beds, designed with the precise objective of improving comfort, wellness and quality of life. Flou collection includes a wide choice of wardrobes, chests of drawers, different upholstered furniture.

Condotti - square wall mirror wall in silvered crystal edged with pieces of glass with 45° etching, structure in aluminum. 

Supplementary information


Design: Operadesign

Web-Site from Designer: www.operadesign.ge

Designer Operadesign

Availability: In stock

Dimensions: 99 x 9 x 99 cm (L x W x H)

Structure: aluminium 

Finishes: silvered crystal, glass



Nr. 652.328
Country of origin: Italy

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