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Coral OAK Vulcano Wide - Plank Violet

Oak wood with consistent colouring resulting from special heat treatment (without chemical additives). Oak plank in 3-layer construction with small bevel on long side and approx. 4 mm top layer, with approx. 4 mm backing in the same wood and middle layer conifer. Tongue and groove on all sides for easy installation.

A very vivid appearance of heartwood with artistically integrated cracks. Variations in colour and sapwood at the edges possible. Small open cracks and unsealed spots of a few millimetres are permitted.

Cracks, knotholes and large knots are emphasized with violet-coloured putty.

This product is available in different sizes, weights, colors and oils, please specify with your order.

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Coral OAK Vulcano Wide - Plank Violet
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Dimensions: 4000 x 155 - 280 x 19 / 5000 x 155 - 280 x 19 mm 

Weights: 11.50 kg / 13.00 kg

Colors: violet

Surfaces: brushed | natural oil / white oil .

Nr. 650.411
Country of origin: Austria

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