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Alessio Bassan

Alessio Bassan: born in 1962, I live and work in Thiene (VI). Self-taught Designer, from almost immediately, my enthusiasm spurred me to develop a very personal training path, collaborating with companies and studios involved in architecture and interiors. In 1988 I started a lasting association with an important design studio in Vicenza. After this experience, I opened my own studio in 1997, working as an all-rounder in industrial design (designing furniture, lamps and sundry objects for various companies), in graphics (developing communications and creating business catalogues) and in architecture for interiors (designing homes, shops, coffee bars, hotels). This multidisciplinary sensitivity has inspired me to create a series of furniture elements, objects and environments characterised by a sophisticated and unconventional poetic art, often proving to be a precursor of times and trends.

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