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Alfredo Anzellini

Artistically active both at home and abroad. Several years ago he achieved experimental forms connected to the new image medias. He works in various ways with hybrid photochemical, electronic and digital techniques. Since 2001 he has been working in "Camera Verde", a Rome cultural centre directed by Giovanni Andrea Semerano. Exhibits, books, artist briefs, postcards and posters bear witness to the editorial time and movement developed between the artistic work and the cultural idea that is at the basis of "Camera Verde". Parallel to this is the study of industrial design, an object reproduced in series and the "new" aesthetic values determined by serial objects. Interest for the industrial products created, for the "forms" we use continuously and which strike our gaze continuously; a true symbiosis between the shape of practical objects and the creations of contemporary art. He has twenty years of collaboration with the Kerasan ceramic industry with whom he creates, with his son Simone, various series of leading sanitary ware such as Ego, Flo and Retrò. His "Strati di Senso" works, impressed on the Inka series of ceramic surfaces, had considerable impact. 

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