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Area 44

Davide Carlesi and Gian Luca Tonelli were bothborn in the '70s in Italy, but followed different paths. Theybegan to get involved in industrial design at the end of the '90s, taking part in fairs and workshops, wherethey presented their products made in collaboration with companies with long-standingartisan experience. This initial work gave them great visibility in Italy andabroad, with leading magazines in the sector publishing reviews of their work.

In the years to follow, they worked togetherwith companies including Snaidero, Midj, Andrea Fontebasso, Domitalia, Dinova andAssouline. Their brand area44 springs from their shared desire to offer rigorous,rational and passionate design, a pursuit of the essential, where man is alwaysat the centre of attention.

Web-Site from Designer: www.area44.it

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