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Carlo Colombo

Carlo Colombo was born in 1967. He spent most of his childhood playing with cabinet models. He studied at the art school in Cantù and he graduated from the Politecnico of Milan. He began his work as a freelance at some architecture studios and carpentry workshops. He meets the Italian design guru Giulio Cappellini who recognizes him as a new talent. In the same year Cappellini Spa presents at the “ Fabbrica del Vapore “ his first project, the (bed) " letto Kyoto". From this moment he will become one of the most popular and loved designers. He collaborates with Arflex and Antonio Lupi. He achieves great prestige managing production and restyling the collection at Poliform. He works with established brands such as De Padova and Zanotta and puts his stamp on the new collection “Mood” trademark of Flexform. He also works with Varenna, Poliform, Artemide, iGuzzini, Teuco, Fratelli Guzzini, Flou and Riva1920. Inclined to style and fashion he collaborates also with Levi’s for a new collection of shoes. He lectures around the world and works in the United Arab Emirates, China and Japan, where was entitled designer of the year in 2004. Among the many awards he has received:"Elle Decor International Design Award" won in 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2011. He has been in charge for exhibitions on behalf of his clients around the world, because according to him the customer deserves the greatest care, if it is possible 24 hours a day. Professor at the University of Beijing, he believes the greatest success in life can be achieved through personal and professional experience. He is married, and has a son of 13 years old with whom he shares the passion for golf and cinema. A “clean” design and his “beginner’s spirit “ approach have allowed him to be always himself.

Web-Site from Designer: www.carlocolombo.it

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