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Claudio Salocchi

Born in Milan, graduated in Architecture at the Milan Politecnico University. He has been Vice-President of ADI and has taught at the State Professional Institute of Furniture and Furnshings in Lissone and at the School of Architecture of Milan Polythecnic.  On an international level, Claudio Salocchi works in the fields of architecture, interior and industrial design. A great deal of his works and projects were chosen and exhibited through selections or invitations at the most important exhibitions, events or museums, both in Italy and abroad. The interior decoration showroom requirements, research on aluminium alloy applications, support for or optimization of heights and working spaces in the domestic area, research on new configurations for tables or groups of containers, coincide with the projects for the Riyadh stadium, the GTP Foundation or the Charilaos Stavrakis Exhibition at Nicosia, for the villas at Zante, Nicosia, Milan, Novara, Brescia, for the hotel buildings such as that at Onda Beach at Limassol, or for the representative and other offices such as that of the Richemont Company in Milan, for industry, or the numerous refurbishings or restorations of old farmhouses, located in country areas of the regions of Lombardy, Emilia, and Veneto, and showrooms for jewellers' shops in Milan, Brescia, Verona, Rome, Latina, etc. and, lastly, the Aoki Golf Club at Hyogo.

To these may be added the projects and competitive tenders for the new Parliament in Cyprus, for the Lugano "Palace", projects in Crete or Nicosia, and the projects currently in progress in Yemen and Greece. It has designed and/or is currently designing mass-produced products, as follows: Alberti Cucine, Arredaesse, Besana, Bottega Gadda, Fantatre, Franke, Gemma Gioielli, I.D.I., I Tre, Lumenform, Kurogane Kosakusho, Murano Due, Rossi Di Albizzate, Skipper, Sormani.
1970 New York, International Alluminium Extrusion Design Competition: "Award of merit";
1979 Milano, ADI/Comune di Milano: "Compasso d'Oro";
1986 New York, Resources Council Inc. 1986 Roscoe: "Commendation";
1987 Genova, ADI/Tecnhotel: "2° Premio 5 Stelle";
1988 Milan, MM Metropolitana Milanese (the Milan underground railway system) Architectural competition: "Progetto Menzionato".

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