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Massimiliano Cicconi

Massimiliano Cicconi was born in Civita Castellana in 1961 and he attended the "State school of Ceramic Art" in Civita Castellana where he was very interested in design and in ceramic traditions. In Civita Castellana he started to face the problems of ceramic materials concerning the important industrial centre of this town. He specialized in stage design at the "Academy of fine arts" in Rome and he started to teach artistic subjects. Then he worked as advisor with some designers offices in Rome and Civita Castellana. In 1997 he begun to cooperate with the companies of Colamedici group: Colavene, Colacril, Colbam.

In 2000 he designed the series "Qube" for he company AXA and he has been the protagonist of "Shaping Ceramic" with numerous and different washbasins which can me matched to the "Qube" and with the series "Rond" characterized by flexibility. Since 2003 he has been cooperating with WHITE STONE, the new company by Colamedici Group, designing some furnishing washbasins which have had a big success. In 2006 he has designed the series "K-one", the new series by Azzurra Ceramica. Massimiliano Cicconi has always distinguished himself for the innovative research and strong personality and since 2007 he started to cooperate with Kerasan about some wide versatile projects.

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