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Maurizio Duranti

Maurizio Duranti was born in Florence in 1949, he graduated in Architecture in 1976. Lives and works in Milan since 1987. Professional profile He has tutored at the Faculty of Architecture in Genoa and at the European Institute of Design in Milan from 1984 to 1989. Amidst his realisations are the planning and design of building structures, the fitting out of exhibition stands and showrooms which have frequently been published by the national and foreign press for their innovative features.

Since 1990 he has concentrated his efforts on industrial design and has created many successful products for leading manufacturers of household products adopting all types of raw materials and productive technology. In 1996, '97, '98, '03, '05 he received acknowledgements at the GOOD DESIGN AWARD in the U.S.A. and was honoured at the award giving of the "18th Gold Compass of Milan" in 1998. Numerous products designed by him are present in permanent collections of well-known museums throughout the world: Athenaeum in Chicago, Bunkamura Design Collection of Tokio, Neue Samlung Museum of Monaco Baviera, Museum of Design and Decorative Arts of Gent, Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

As well as many articles published on his works by the national and foreign press, his monographs have also been edited: "Maurizio Duranti, Design Adventures", D.Baroni, Agepe 1991 and "Maurizio Duranti, Designs and Design", D.Baroni, I MENIR series, Ed. L'Archivolto, 1993.
Of his personal exhibitions we recollect: "Handy Articles in Wood and Ceramic" (Milan 1988), "The Mediterranean Home" (Bologna 1991), "Adventure Planning" (Bologna 1991), "La stanza della sposa" (Bologna 1991), "Household Rituals" Milan 1992 and Frankfurt 1993), Going Home (San Francisco, Houston 1993), Abitare il Tempo (Verona, quasi tutte le edizioni), Good Design (Chicago '96, '97, '98 e 2003). He has also participated in several joint exhibitions in Italy, Germany, U.S.A., Japan, Korea, Australia, Spain and Belgium.
His creations narrate imaginary stories and are full of irony which compete with everyday life. Although he has profound knowledge of productive work processes and the physical possibilities of raw materials, instead of technology he favours a narrative type of image.

Web-Site from Designer: www.maurizioduranti.com

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