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Modus Studio

modus studio is an idea.

It is an idea that the patterns, perceptions, senses, and notions of our daily experiences can create a process, a way to do things, which leads to architecture and good design. This conception is the process which allows departure from the general rule of form to create thoughtful architecture that begins to shape the present landscape and plan for a sustainable future.

Our firm seeks to operate in a modern format, a studio atmosphere, where ideas and exchange are essential to our process.  We are passionately connected to our work and we believe in the work we produce.  We provide a fresh, energetic focus and approach to design.  Times are changing, we must adapt, and we must be mutable. Our studio generates a collaborative process allowing architect, client, and builder to come together as thinkers, people, and cohabitants of the modern world.


Website for designer: www.modusstudio.com

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