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Naomi Kaempfer

Naomi Kaempfer was born in Boston, USA in 1973. After completing background studies in Law and Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Naomi received an engineering degree in industrial design from The Hadassah technical college, Jerusalem, in 1999.

Naomi completed a Master’s Degree of Design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Netherlands, where she studied the fields of Product Design (studio Droog design), Interior Design (studio Girod-Merkx) and Identity Design (studio Li Edelkoort). Her previous design work concentrates on 3D software studies and the benefits of product design; manufacturing techniques in the globalised dynamics of commercial architecture; and urban design.

In August 2003, after a collaboration with “Young Designers and Industry” for Materialise, she established .MGX where she worked as Creative Director and Division Head until 2009.

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