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Novarina Sbravati / CD Design

She was born in Caronno Pertusella (VA) in 1958. She studies furnishing, but her creative mood leads her to test different decorative tecniques: wood, glass, ceramics. The art of working the ceramics makes her so deeply enthusiastic that it becomes her favourite activity. After a long period as autodidact ceramist she completes her technical and creative education working with masters in ceramics arts, arriving to the faboulous world of Raku ceramics, through the cooperation with Pierluigi Novarina. Born in Borgomanero (NO) in 1960, he begins a working career as chemical ceramist, but the passion for art leads him very soon to turn his experience and professional ability into pure creativity. He takes part succesfully to several exhibitions and artistic events and together with Maria Teresa materializes his aspirations through the peculiar forms and the effective colours of Raku ceramics. 

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