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Roberto Foschia

He was born in Friuli in 1948, where he currently lives and works. After obtaining a high school diploma in art in Udine, and a diploma in Design and Furnishings at Magistero d’Arte, Trieste, hebegan working as a designer at the research and design centre of Seleco-Zanussi in Pordenone. In 1986, as a freelance designer, he opened a studio in Codroipo, specialized in interior design and architecture. He works on design projects with various leading companies: televisions, stereo systems, spectacles, industrial photo developers, refrigerated display counters, furniture,chairs, showrooms and public areas.
Foschia received an award in Germany for designing a portable television, and in Italy for a collection of complementary furnishing items in wire mesh.

Web-Site from Designer: www.2bd.it

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