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Sandro Santantonio

Studio Sandro Santantonio Design specialises in Architecture, Interior & Industrial Design, Graphics, Packaging & Fashion Design, with particular attention to trends, the study of materials and new technologies in the fields of contract production, fashion and lighting technique. Since being established, Studio Sandro Santantonio Design, a multilingual and multicultural group, has rapidly consolidated acknowledged expertise and experience in various areas of contemporary design, enabling it to receive wide recognition, including the Young Design special mention in 2004 for the Flower armchair, two Young Design special mentions in 2005 for the line of Dune sofas and the collection of Zoe lamps, the Young Design special mention in 2006 for the Wave table and the recent first prize in the naval competition Abitare il Mare 2006 organised by Seatec-Carrara Fiere, thanks to the design of a typical cabin for luxury cruise ships.

Web-Site from Designer: www.sandrosantantonio.com

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