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Strand + Hvass

Strand + Hvass is a design firm based in Copenhagen, Denmark that was founded in 1998 by Christina Strand, MDD, and Niels Hvass, MAA. 

Both designers graduated from the Danish Design School, where Niels Hvass also lectures. Active in a variety of fields and media, including product design, graphics and exhibitions, the firm’s main focus, however, is furniture and lighting design.

Strand + Hvass bring their own stringent aesthetic approach to the design of modern lighting. While the results of this approach are richly diverse, they all share an unswerving dedication to simplicity, a view of the whole and an eye to detail. Strand + Hvass designs are known both for the economy of their lines and the generosity of their innovation.

“We like to work closely with clients who are looking to break new ground through design solutions,” says Niels Hvass. “In our experience, the best results come from thinking in complete solutions - going for the whole before the parts.” Christina Strand continues, “Designing for the commercial market means understanding users and the contexts in which our designs are used. We find that the dialogue with customers is crucial - and that a situated design approach is what works best both aesthetically and commercially.”

Strand + Hvass’s clients include a long list of Scandinavian and European firms.

Web-Site from Designer: www.strand-hvass.com

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