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Teresa Sapey

Cuneo, Italy (*1962) Teresa Sapey Estudio de Arquitectura is a Madrid based Architecture and design Studio first founded in 1990. A team with great curiosity, energetically designing projects of spaces and many other areas (eg. ephimeral display, graphics, editorial, etc). Projects stem from emotions and feelings, and produce results which can convey them to the users just as they were felt by the team. This would have to be attributed to their ability of expressing their sensibility property, rather than to any action of intention. Design, in fact, squeezes the act of creation into a few manualised frames - consistent concepts, harmony with the users, purpose of space, etc. A designer's accuracy would depend on how much he/she can express his/her freedom in their own terms. Created by designers who lay out verses in spaces and say they are inspired most by light, their projects may come as abstract at the first glance. Blending creativity, functionalism, art and design appropriately, their intuition produce spaces that communicate ideas clearly. Teresa Sapey (head of the team): ``It is to move emotions that I work with spaces. I'd go for provoking just about any kind of feeling, no matter what it is (?whether like or dislike, I do not really care).From my personal point of view, architecture should provide a varied range of sentiments to be considered both inspiring and useful.

Web-Site from Designer: www.teresasapey.com

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