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Titti Giovannoni Ottaviani

Titti Giovannoni Ottaviani, an interior designer from Rome, with a great passion for everything concerning the home, Titti has recently begun to create her own line, which includes highly unique complementary furnishing items … soft antique-look leather, meticulous contrasting relief stitching, transparent methacrylate, shiny perfect steel. All this comprises the “T.” line, inspired by the initial letter of her name, which becomes the culmination of dozens of creations that arouse evocative phrases with their original combinations.

Therefore we can find “T. coccolo”, as well as “T. riparo” and “T. aspetto”, just a little taste of “cuddles in letters” that Titti wanted to create exclusively for Midj. This line is affectionate, functional and ironic, focusing on quality materials and traditional craftsmanship. Each item has been meticulously researched … small masterpieces with highly evocative potential. In her own words, the “T” becomes an “emotionally dynamic element”… how can you resist?

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