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Vicente García Jiménez

Born in Valencia (Spain) 1978. He graduated at the University of Experimental Sciences at Castellon de La Plana. His major was Industrial Design Engineering. He later moved to Barcelona where he worked for Santa & Cole developing lighting and interior furniture. 
During this period he developed a liking to objects that created life and emotions through lighting, for example his perception of the world around him using light, shadows, textures and colours to create new atmospheres.

A strong need to progress made him move to Milan, where through brief experiences, fate brought him to Udine.
Presently Vicente lives and works at Udine where he is working on lighting, furniture and exhibitions, collaborating with companies like Cesar Cucine, EmmeBi, Fambuena, Foscarini, Mido, Palluco Italia and Tacchini.

Web-Site from Designer: www.vicente-garcia.com

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