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What is an e-Invoice?
The e-invoice is the electronic versions of the regular printed invoice you usually receive. After ordering and the payment confirmation, you will receive via e-mail the invoice with our electronic signature.

The electronic invoice is legally accepted accordingly to the rules in force.
The electronic signature enables us to provide you the invoice via e-mail and is guarantees the originality and identity of the company.

What are the advantages of the e-Invoice?
Now it is much easier and faster to receive your purchasing documentation. The electronic invoice can be provided via e-mail, as soon as the payment confirmation and delivery are completed.
Furthermore it is environmental friendly! Wasting paper is no longer a solution; the e-Invoice helps us avoiding unnecessary prints and paper-waste.
We base our activity as much as possible on the electronic documentation and storage; it is our wish to reduce paper waste and furthermore the ecological negative impact.

e-Invoice: Easy, fast and eco-friendly!