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Area Declic is a brand of ARRMET, a historic Friulian factory active since the '60s in the chair-manufacturing cluster in Manzano (Udine). It specialized, in particular, in the production of chairs for schools and community use.

In time, the company decided to manufacture mass-produced chairs, as a mark of fond utopia for functionality and design: to produce high quality objects, even when dealing with everyday products of large consumption.

Area Declic was born from the necessity to differentiate the ARRMET brand to orientate itself better in the marketplace. Under this brand the company offers designer chairs, stools, tables and furnishings, distinguished by the coupling of metal and plastic and by marked functionality.

Jo - functionality and decoration combined together in a novel solution. The monocoque shell in polypropylene is characterized by a high flexible back that extends to the floor with the front legs.

The back legs are in chromed or painted steel and inserted into the seat. Ergonomic and robust, it is available in a wide range of colours, stackable, equally suitable for contract or residential use.

This product comes in different finishes and colors, please specify with your order. 


Design: Francesca Petricich

Since 1995, the year of her professional debut, she has concentrated her attention on seating design, working both as designer and as business consultant. Apart from occasional exceptions – the Gino family is one of these – she pairs up with her husband Robby Cantarutti, working both as an architect and interior designer, designing shops, private houses and exhibition fittings.

Web-Site from Designer: www.archazione.com

Designer Francesca Petricich

Availability: In stock

Dimensions: 40 x 49 x 84 cm (W x D x H) 

Seat height: 46 cm 

Seat finishes: polypropylene

Frame finishes: chromed / aluminium embossed painted steel / aluminium satinated painted steel

Colors: anthracite / blue / cream / red / brown / green / salmon pink / white / light green / pearl grey - polypropylene

Nr. 653.299
Country of origin: Italy

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