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Casamania is an Italian based furniture design and manufacturing company founded in 1984. At the foundation of each collection are dynamic, innovative, and high quality design solutions.

Casamania represents a contemporary and forward aesthetic that seamlessly translates to high end residential, hospitality, or commercial design projects, with collections covering a wide range of pieces from modular systems and furniture, to lighting and accessories.

Loop - is a hybrid chair / rug. This chaise longue, created by young Dutch designer Sophie De Vocht, is born from her interest in technique of “tufting”, characterized by a high number of tufts of yarn inserted through needles on to a fabric base.

The metal structure that acts as a support and allows the user to relax upon the chaise longue, cradled by its softness and by the contact with the ground where it is placed. All of this in perfect harmony between man and nature.

This modern chaise lounge is characterized by its careful craftsmanship and ability to evoke various images and objects in the minds of those who see it, allowing their imagination to take flight.

This product comes in different finishes, please specify with your order. 

Supplementary information


Design: Sophie De Vocht

EDUCATION ‘05 - ’ 10 Design Academy Eindhoven NL department man and Living ‘04 - ’05 Academia Italiana Florence Italy ’98 -’ 04 Gymnasium Hilversum NL EXPERIENCE “10 Audience award Brains award with flexible wall furniture ‘09 - ’10 Büro Stefan Diez München, internship 6 months ’09 Jason Miller design studio New York, internship 3 months ‘08 I do workshop polytechnic university Hong Kong - TU Delft EXPOSURE ‘11 Materia experience February 2011 ‘10 Kunstpaviljoen “spotted talent 2010” ‘10 Graduation show Design Academy Dutch Design Week ‘10 Collected works, Dutch Design Week.

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Designer Sophie De Vocht

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Dimensions: 90 x 210 x 55 cm (W x D x H)

Covers: polyamide

Finishes: shades of red with matching structure PANTONE 716C - 185C - 209C / shades of green with matching structure PANTONE 377U - 350U - 343U

Nr. 652.968
Country of origin: Italy

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