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Uffix and Pininfarina have together created, with a pure line, a new generation of products devoted to the office. Luna is the icon of a thought full of power, energy and dynamism, that outcomes style references and traditional schemes, by way of an original style interpretation that defines a new concept of perception, shape and function.

Luna is not only a piece of furniture, it is also the expression of an innovative aesthetic language as well, which dialogues with space in a customized way. Italian style is synonym of high aesthetic value and absolute excellence of quality standards all over the world.

Made in Italy does not only mean having expertise in techniques and applied arts, but it is also the expression of an inimitable mixture of historic and cultural background, of aesthetic and creative sensitivity. This is the spirit that has originated Luna, a collection that has been conceived to communicate an emotion.

I“…for its pure connotation and for its dynamism in shapes and functions”: on these grounds Luna was given the 1st Wellness@WorkAward prize, assigned by the Juryin the Eimu 2006 Edition, at the International Furniture Show of Milan. An important and welcome acknowledgment, that underlines Luna’s uniqueness and distinctive character.

The visual perception of the desk conveys a great spectacular effect, characterized by aesthetic pureness of its supple and fascinating lines. The monolithic asymmetric arch structure, in silver grey metallized painted aluminium, is enhanced by the elegance of the tempered crystal surface, and accordingly creates original light and transparent effects.

The use of shapes and of volumes, light and harmonious, are originated by the elegant spherical section modesty panel, available in red Bulgarian and blackhide or in different lacquered finishes combined to match storage units. The care taken as regards to the details and the exclusive finishes enhance the superior qualities of the materials that have been used, and bring their perceived aesthetic value to maximum levels.

Luna expresses superior, stylistic and functional refinement even in its accessories: the exclusive mobile credenza with its fluent and essential lines, is completely lacquered with a silver grey metallized finish and is equipped with friction-closing drawers with locks and self-blocking wheels.

This product comes in different configurations, sizes and colours, for more details please check the PDF below.

Supplementary information


Design: Pininfarina

Web-Site from Designer: www.pininfarina.com

Designer Pininfarina

Availability: In stock

Dimensions: 240 x 120 x 72 cm (W x D x H)

Finishes: wood, glass

Nr. 654.838
Country of origin: Italy

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