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The Vittoria S.p.A. company has been operating in the furniture industry market since 1967.

It designs and constructs double and single bedrooms, modular wardrobes that are also available made-to-measure, for hotels, communities and furniture retailers.

The product is directed to the medium-high market sector and has always distinguished itself for its research in modern design that is firmly rooted in the tradition of quality workmanship accompanied by the choice of high quality materials.

Celsius - our new furnishing concept destroys old parameters: we like to have storage units in every room of the home.

This product comes in different sizes and finishes, please specify with your order.

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Dimensions: heights - 229.7 / 255.3 cm; widths - 29.05 cm; depths - 59 / 63 / 67 cm

Finish: chromium - plated tecno frame door with celsius glass

Nr. 651.051
Country of origin: Italy

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