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Atelier Mo.Ba.

Luca and Lidia, architect and fashion stylist, Luca focused on projects and design, Lidia focused on searching for new materials and studying new trends.
A partnership built on contrasts. Opposites that attract.
The natural product of their alliance is Atelier Mo.Ba., which takes its inspiration from this dialectic of opposites to generate an original creative union every day that reconciles differing viewpoints to form a complete idea, whether a piece of furniture or an extremely refined accessory.

Designs that are original yet packed with nods to tradition and which combine different styles, from classic to contemporary, through to present-day design. Every Atelier Mo.Ba. creation is an original solution produced exclusively to order, just like a tailored suit, whether it be a single piece of furniture or a “total home design” to reinvent the style and decor of an entire space in private residences or high-profile luxury hotels. Whatever the case, the emphasis is always on highly exclusive elegance.


Manufacturer website: www.ateliermoba.com

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