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EMOH is a young and dynamic company, presenting an innovative, light weight and fully sustainable product. It is the result of ten years experience and know-how in working with composite panels: the perfect combination between research and technology. The idea of molding innovative materials boosts the designers who collaborate with EMOH: they find a fertile ground for the development and the interpretation of their projects. In its first year of activity, EMOH wins the Red Dot Design Award 2010, with the "Nano" coffee table. Environmental concern is a fundamental part of EMOH philosophy: using packages and materials, such as aluminum end derived materials, granting a 100% recyclability. Under the banner of design and innovation, combined with flexibility and care of details, as well as a strong environmental awareness, EMOH makes you live the "other" side.

Quality, Environment, Design: these elements well summarize EMOH philopsophy. Quality means to satisfy customer needs, beyond his own expectation; to build a dialogue with our customer, envolving him in the product conception; it means to respect manufacturing standards, determined by the most exigent customers. EMOH always sparks its attention to the Environment: such materials, like composite aluminum panels, or glass, are granting zero formaldhyde emissions and are fully recyclable at the end of their life. All lacquers used are water based, atoxic and with low emissions of polluting solvents into the atmosphere. EMOH ensures that the production chain is short, by choosing suppliers, where needed, that are working in the area where the company is. This is granting low emissions of CO², due to transports and enables us to make sure that all people involved in the production of an EMOH item, are working in a healthy environment. The final detail is packaging: without polysterene and fully recyclable by the final consumer. Design means for EMOH not only an esthetical research, but also functionality, innovation and engagement to make our products perfectly integrate into our customers houses. EMOH is living the other side.


Manufacturer site: www.emoh.it 

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