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FOC Freedom of creation

The Freedom Of Creation concept is based on Janne Kyttanen’s project for graduation at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam 1999-2000. The project explored the possibilities of using 3D printing technology and Augmented Reality as viable technologies when changing production and distribution logistics on a global scale. After the graduation exhibition, Freedom Of Creation was founded in Helsinki, Finland, in 2000 and later moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2006.

Freedom Of Creation is a pioneering product design company, specialized in creating and commercializing 3D printed design products. Product lifespan decreases, while the amount of new products pushed to the market is ever increasing. This is not a functional global vision for the future. Most of these products are tailored for the unidentified masses, which due to this fast “push to market” approach, will only decrease the design quality and increase waste on our planet. And most of these consumer products are still produced via an old fashioned (a century) mass production infrastructure, which equals to large stock, high manual labor, big investments, long distance transportation, army of employees etc.

Since the world is becoming ever more digital, decentralized and connected, this approach on how to develop products will change the world forever. Whereas MP3 changed the music industry for ever, digital cameras did the same for photography and digital print enabled everybody to become a publisher, the same transition will happen for consumer products as well and people will be able to create their own products with great ease and will not need to be bound by the selection they can find from retail.
They also feel this approach can have a tremendous effect on carbon emissions on global scale. You will only produce what you need, there is hardly any transportation and all the stock you have is virtual.

FOC Collection is a range of Interior products and Accessories, which FOC commercializes through its global distribution partners. Our exclusive designs are trendsetters in the new era of digitally generated consumer products.
These products are much more than stunning beauties. They are also models for localized manufacturing and distribution logistics where no stock, no assembly, minimal transportation, environmentally friendliness and just-in-time production are the future goals. All of our designs use the latest manufacturing techniques, which enable the direct manufacturing of products via 3D Software and they push the envelope of innovation to its limits.

FOC Collection by Freedom Of Creation is an edition of exclusive design objects, furnishing complements, lighting and accessories, conceived by FOC founder Janne Kyttanen, by renowned International designers and by talented emerging creatives.
Ten years of Freedom Of Creation’s pioneering research into the technologies of 3D printing – a process transforming a CAD file into a real object via a printing process adding one layer of matter onto the other until the entire object has been generated – as well as into the unlimited expressive possibilities these technologies provide, have characterized FOC Collection as a trendsetting brand.

Several of the astonishing designs from the FOC Collection have been selected for the permanent collections of Internationally acclaimed museums and museum shops, such as the MOMA, FIT and
MAD in New York, the Design Museum in Holon, Israel, and the Vitra Design Museum in Germany and/or have been recognized with International Awards and mentions, such as the Red Dot and Index Award.

International architects choose products from the FOC Collection for prestigious interior projects for hotels (such as Hilton The Hague), stores (such as Kuoni stores), restaurants and other public spaces or for residential environments.
The FOC Collection is applying localized just-in-time production and short distance distribution logistics, sensibly reducing costs pollution coming from transportation. It is commercialized through a global network of distribution partners.


Manufacturer site: www.freedomofcreation.com 

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