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myPOD System

“myPOD” is Uffix’s innovative rangewhich introduces a new philosophyin viewing the environment dedicatedto the office space. Since the very beginning of its name Personal_Office-Desking, myPOD expresses a projectual creative and dynamic idea, which is aimed to obtain intelligent and personalized space. It expresses “friendly” thinking, which overcomes fixed and pre-determined schemes and moves towards the users emotional sphere.

Space becomes a natural habitat as it is livable and welcoming. It’s the projectual concept which has conceived myPOD. It interprets the office as a place “to live”, where ideas and emotions meet. An idea which myPOD expresses through sensorial experiences inspired by shapes and elements presentin nature: smooth and light lines, tactile and visual feelings. A perfect equilibrium among perception, form and function.

Sensations and perceptions are recognised moments which are part of our daily existence. MyPOD evokes a world of emotions thanks to its several finishes and materials which are greatly eco-compatible as in the case of The TEXTURE melamine finish, which is a reminder of the softness and warmth of the natural fibres or in the STOPSOL amber colored glass, with its warm and bright reflections which enlarges the space perceived. Pleasant experiences which renew the interaction between man and environment.

MyPOD has many distinctive features which increase creativity, pleasant lyindulging personal taste and imagination: Such as the bright touch of the lacquered finish, the leather’s warm softness and the Ebony’s wood formal elegance. The delicate reflections of the chrome structure. Captivating details of a varied world in on going evolution. MyPOD’s world.

This product comes in different configurations, sizes, finishes and colours, for more details please check the PDF below.

Supplementary information


Design: Driusso Associati

Web-Site from Designer: www.driussoassociati.magix.net

Designer Driusso Associati

Availability: In stock

Desk width: 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 cm

Finishes: melamine / leather / wood / lacquered

Nr. 654.834
Country of origin: Italy

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