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New York: Soho/The floor remains

Mafi: Recently, it has been possible to enjoy the view over the rooftops of New York from a mafi Oak Vulcano natural wooden floor. CCS Architecture has implemented this prestigious project. The team consists of 22 people including a dog and is split between two offices in San Francisco and New York.

The task was clear: Two adjacent single apartments were to be merged into one large apartment. All partitioning walls were to be broken through and new, floor-to-ceiling windows were to be installed. As such, a large 150m2 refuge space was created, away from the noise and bustle of the city. The aim of the concept was to provide a contrast to the vibrant and urban environment of the trendy Soho district. As a result, the CCS Architecture team settled for a mafi Oak Vulcano floor. The warm-feeling, slightly textured surface is a boon for overworked feet. The air within the room also benefits from the natural wooden planks and provides the space with personality. The warm brown tones of the rugged Oak are created using innovative thermally-treated wood, which is done without any chemical additives being used.

One question remains though:

How do natural wooden floors from Schneegattern, Austria, find their way into a luxury loft in New York? Many projects of this kind simply come about through personal referrals. Some international architects keep coming back to mafi because the mix of high quality and natural design is just right. The fact that each individual plank is ordered from the family-run factory in Austria, lends the floor that certain something. Projects such as these inspire - and maybe also start a new planning phase somewhere else in the world.