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CIN 610

The Franke Centinox range reflects 100 years of Franke experience. What once started as a simple sink has now become a complete system of products that transform the kitchen into a place of comfort.

Centinox - the perfect combination of elegant design, perfect workmanship and a sophisticated concept.

The kitchen is the one place in which you can best express your own personal style. Most of your time at home is spent in the kitchen - it should be a place of comfort for you.

Franke Centinox offers you the unique opportunity to transform your kitchen into a place of living - according to your expectations.

An elaborate accessory concept - all accessories complement the Centinox sink perfectly. Whatever need you might have for accessories in the kitchen, Centinox has an answer.

Holder for 450 mm cabinet. Full-size Gourna 370 x 360 x 143 mm. Open Bench 450 x 415 mm.

CIN 610
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Finish: inox 

Dimensions: 470 x 435 mm

Nr. 960.588 , EAN: 101.0172.304
Country of origin: Greece

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