With straight edges and tight 25mm radius corners the Franke Kubus range combines practicality with design. The modern geometric shape will enhance the aesthetic quality of your kitchen whilst remaining easy to clean, thus maintaining their good looks at all times.

The kitchen is the one place in which you can best express your own personal style. Most of your time at home is spent in the kitchen - it should be a place of comfort for you.

Holder for 500 mm cabinet. Full-size Gourna 340 x 400 x 175 mm. Open Bench 450 x 400 mm.


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Finish: inox 

Dimensions: 380 x 440 mm

Nr. 960.603, EAN: 122.0070.010
Country of origin: Greece

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Finish: stainless steel

Dimensions: 200 x 400 mm

Nr. 960.471, EAN: 112.0014.123

Availability: In stock

Finish: inox 

Dimensions: 430 x 380 mm

Nr. 960.472, EAN: 112.0047.841

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