TRECI products are the result of a perfect balance between a refined sense of beauty and functionality, a careful choice of the best materials and productive solutions supported by the latest technologies.

TRECI likes to accentuate the slogan: REALITY, PASSION and TENACITY. These are the three words that encompass the mentality and best convey TRECI company’s mission. Today he wants to share these values with you, as a way of overcoming the current sales crisis or whatever other challenges which are ever increasing.

TRECI company has very deep roots, that reach far back into the history of the country’s finest artisans. This tradition began during this last century, when the grandfather Guido produced all of the wooden pieces that his friends and neighbours needed to furnish their homes.

In “Stucco” finishing with 4 leaf-opening curved doors with ochre or turtle-dove added colour. 

The product comes in different colors and decorations, please specify with your order.For special orders with decorated product please contact us.


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With added colour and decoration, Height: 293 cm, Width: 76 cm, Lenght: 258 cm.

Nr. 102969
Country of origin: Italy

Availability: In stock

With added colour, decoration and “Mecca” profiles, Height: 293 cm, Width: 76 cm, Lenght: 258 cm.

Nr. 102970
Country of origin: Italy

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