Zanette was founded in 1962 as a company focused on quality, with strategically located factory and stores in between the provinces of Pordenone and Treviso. Right from the outset, it was strongly active on the international market, where the quality of Italian design held particular importance.

The Zanette product is always able to anticipate and interpret, with consistency of style and versatility, the intention of any home requ irement. The creative input of the designers can be seen with the floaty feel and soft tones which enshroud the products, magically created by highly skilled hands.

Targeted solutions for the interior equipment of the wardrobe available in wood, sand or matt lacquered finish: various removable accessories and shelves ensure that every garment has its own orderly place.

Millemodi -  is available in two different finishing types for what concerns the wall staves (wood and sand) whereas for what concerns the fittings the opaque lacquered finishing is also available, offering a full customization. Now any kind of variation is possible inside your walk-in closet, without using tools or screwing / unscrewing but just raising the shelf and making it slide whenever you want to make room for the always increasing number of shirts and trousers.

“Millemodi” with its wood finishing completes the corner element with fittings and footboards. The corner shelf element follows the general shelf design. Precious brnoze glass elements make furnitures such as the drawer unit and the shelf more fascinating.

The “Millemodi” system is fully integrable with the “Open System” wardrobe program. They can be put side-to-side thanks to their same heights, otherwise the Millemodi can even be put inside the wardrobe, being the two elements designed to have the same widths. The bright contrast between the staved sand-finis

This product is custom made. 


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