Antonio Lupi Design is a Tuscan company which has stood out in the design and manufacturing of bathroom furniture, both in Italy and abroad, for the past fifty years. The distinctive features of this ever-developing company are its ability to innovate by continuously searching for new materials and designs, while investing heavily in manufacturing technology.

Although Antonio Lupi began by producing exclusively bathroom accessories and mirrors, its product line now embraces the entire living space, thanks to the collaboration with established designers, such as Carlo Colombo, Nevio Tellatin, Riccardo Fattori, Mauro Carlesi, Domenico de Palo and Paolo Armenise.

Babele - an ethanol fireplace suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, as there is no flue. It can be positioned alongside a sofa or dining table, to create a “totem” around which people can sit, warm themselves and talk. Alternatively it can be placed on the terrace, in the garden, or in a public place to mark off an entrance or to indicate a pathway.

Completely realized in 4 mm thick steel, its geometric structure perfectly accommodates the burner which is protected by tempered safety glass. At the side, a folded panel invites the user to open a door into a useful space in which to keep accessories or, for example, a set of glasses and a bottle of brandy to be savored alone or with friends, that has been warmed by the heat and atmosphere of the hearth. Available in black, white and Corten finish steel.

This product comes in different models and sizes, please specify with your order. 


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