Lucente takes about light through its collections which express strong ideas and have a special personality. Ideas become matter through collaboration with different personalities from the design world, interpreting the thought of great professionals and coming up with projects that demonstrate how intuition can be transformed into simplicity.

Lucente is a combination of elegance, organic shapes and functionality, a project springing from the conviction that well-designed objects can improve the quality of life thanks to their functional aesthetic appearance. The light is able to change atmospheres and moods, Lucente tries to interpret its many applications in everyday life.

In its catalogue the company has around 50 series of lamps intended for the residential and contract markets. Lucente employs 80 members of staff and markets its products both in Italy and abroad through a network of importers and distributors in over 60 countries. The company is ISO 9001 certified.

Hand Made - the Hand Made collection marks the company’s first experimentation with fibreglass, a light and resistant eco-friendly material, to create a collection of lamps that exudes Italian craftsmanship and the fine "hand-made" expertise after which it is named.

Hand Made is based on the concept of simplicity and formal purity, "organic" inspiration that creates a notable impact due to its size. As Sandro Santantonio explains: "this is a striking yet familiar collection where soft lines are paired with the physicality of the material to add a touch of originality to any type of environment."

Versions and finishes: Hand Made is available in both a suspension and floor model, the latter of which can also be used as a lighted pouf. There are two variations: a brand new closed version in natural fibreglass, which plays on the transparent effect of the material, also for outdoor use and an elegant open version for indoor use, hand painted, in the following finishes: matt or glossy black on the outside and gold leaf on the inside; matt or glossy white on the outside and silver leaf on the inside.

This product comes in different finishes, please specify with your order. 


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Dimensions: Ø60 x 175 cm (L x H)

Finishes: natural fiberglass / glossy white-silver / matt white-silver / glossy black-gold / matt black-gold

Nr. 653.849
Country of origin: Italy

Availability: In stock

Dimensions: Ø60 x 58 cm (L x H)

Finishes: natural fiberglass

Nr. 653.850
Country of origin: Italy

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