Salon Ambience Italy, founded in Reggio Emilia in 1989, established itself in a brief period of time in the hairdressing and beauty sector, and is today one of the main Italian companies in its sector, exporting products of the highest quality all around the world.

From the beginning, this company's philosophy has been to combine the Italian qualities of style, tradition and good workmanship, with the mentality of a multinational company, capable of satisfying the many demands arising from a global marketplace.

The products that carry the Salon Ambience trademark are today synonymous with creativity and durability, and aim to improve not only the customer's workspace, but also the quality of the work itself, giving life to a pleasing, welcoming atmosphere that aides relaxation, and allows the hair stylist freedom of expression in the workplace.

Fiji - the Fiji mirror consists of a rectangular frame, decorated with a pattern available in three colours; light grey, gold and black. Located in the middle of the styling unit is a work shelf made of satin finished glass. The Fiji comes installed onto a metal frame, and includes a free footrest and hairdryer holder.

This product comes in different colours and models, please specify with your order.

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