A new balance among shape, material and space. This is the planning concept that gave birth to The ElementUffix new collection, born by a thought inspired by aesthetical pureness and formal reduction. A timeless, absolute design which overcomes the trends expressing an immediate harmonic feeling.

The numerous finishes as walnut, hide and unglazed porcelain, take inspiration from colours and natural elements, recalling the day-to-day interaction with our habitat.The worktops and side panels in multilayer aluminium give birth to a game among shapes, lights and suspended volumes.

The matching floor and wallcovering with the same unglazed porcelain as the furniture gives a pleasuring visual continuity to the environment. The aesthetical pureness and warm colours of the finishes testify The Element’s versatile soul. The space given to the welcome becomes living, describing an intimate and familiar atmosphere.

This product comes in different configurations, sizes, finishes and colours, for more details please check the PDF below.

The Element

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