Ghost is a Uffix range which expresses an original furnishing concept dedicated to the office enviroment and creating a symbol of status. It is a product which gives life to an elegant and sober design, and it expresses an absolute thought of lightness. An equilibrium in the composition with which the furniture interacts with discretion within the office enviroment. 

Soft and essential lines, which convey a perception of great harmony. A flow of forms and light volumes of great visual effect, this is Ghost's synthesis. The table tops, floating on an elegant metal structure, are embellished by the profile's lightness and by the refined Aniegré wood. 

Craftsmanship and the employment of precious materials are best expressed in the original combination between the glass aesthetic rigidity and the wood's warmth. Diffused light and soft transparencies describes a vital and a bright enviroment, conveying an immediate sense of refined elegance.

Also in the meeting and boardroom enviroments, Ghost expresses an absolute originality. New solutions of configurations are enhanced by the curved shaped tops, almost to evoke the floating of the time dedicated to conversation. Captivating details that confirm the appeal of a unique style.

This product comes in different configurations, sizes, finishes and colours, for more details please check the PDF below.


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