Since the beginning, for four generation, Mantellassi has had an exclusive attention to detail in the production of upholstered furniture and their correlated accessories, creating collection of sofas and companion chair in leather and fabric of a high degree, as well as high style coordinates. The challenge was always to marry the talents and inventiveness of quality crafmanship with today’s modern production industrial systems. 

Aesthetic value, the quality of the materials ergonomically perfect and long lasting components, still constructed today following the age-old artistry of the Italian master craftsman.This is the foundation of an unbeatable Mantellassi strategy in a more and more emergent cultured and exciting consumer market..

The main characteristic of the leathers they use is that they have not suffered alterations and so the presence of natural signs, that summarize the life of the animal, is a particular and normal quality.

Small imperfections such as scars, punctures of bugs, wrinkles and veins have not to be considered like defects.
These ones contribute, rather, to exalt the natural character of every leather and to give a character of oneness that countersigns a living room from each other one.

Mantellassi’s attention in coverings is proverbial. Only a hasty analysis will make to hold the covering as the last phase of the creative trial. To change fabric to a sofa means to rediscover the shape, to project again the use.

Since the beginnings Mantellassi submits its own ideas to authentic master craftsman: decorators, engravers, cabinetmakers and stone-cutters of the ancient school of Tuscany do all they can for a quality of sublime execution.

Marilyn - Donna Mantellassi's collection.



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