The Creazioni brand by Silik was born in 1997 and is the result of a desire to dress up past styles with a new modern and carefree look. Thanks to a strong inclination towards the innovation of its products, Creazioni, created by Cristina Gattei, CEO of Silik, has captured the attention of international markets in just a short time. 

Even in its name “Creazioni” (“creations” in English), the brand expresses its goal of revitalizing the styles of the past by representing them in a new light, which enhances the level of elegance, while at the same time retaining its authority. This is the stylistic feature of a brand which stems from the desire to follow a new path and propose a sort of "new way to dress up" with lively colors, unusual materials, and interesting finishes. 

Creazioni began its journey by taking five models made in the production headquarters of Silik, the new brand’s parent-company. It reworked these pieces, giving them a relaxed appearance, uninhibited finishes, and above all, unique coverings. The Alice armchair, the Fiammetta chair, the Bella daybed, the Paolina bench, and the Merlina armchair, gave life to the first simple catalog. In 2000, the first collection was presented within the pages of a very impressive catalog which expressed the spirit and revealed the potential of the new brand. 


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