At .MGX we understand that life isn’t always easy. In our daily lives we tend to get caught up in getting things done and being efficient, rather than just “being”. That’s why we’ve challenged some of the top design minds in the world to use some very special 3D technologies to create some very special products. Lamps and furniture that can brighten a room, or furnish a house, but that also soothe the soul and engage both the imagination and the senses. Products that create a magical atmosphere for connecting with yourself or connecting with friends.

Manufactured using a variety of 3D printing methods, the .MGX by Materialise collection combines the best of modern and traditional craftsmanship. Our 3D technologies allow for the production and customization of shapes that would otherwise be impossible to realise. And whether formed out of epoxy or polyamide, each piece is individually drawn and created by laser beam, and carefully finished by hand.

The .MGX line of design products is currently exported to over 20 countries worldwide; has received many awards, including two Good Design and Red Dot Design Awards; is featured in numerous international museums, including the MoMA in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris; and regularly appears in top design and decor publications such as: Icon, Surface Magazine, Elle Decor and Vogue Living.

.MGX is the design division of Materialise N.V., the world leader in rapid prototyping techniques.

The design of this chair takes its cue from Asian root furniture where “found” natural tree roots are skillfully adapted into furniture – each one unique, beautiful and functional. The Root Chair project represents a large family of related chair forms rather than a single design. Each chair is digitally “grown” with variable parameters that adapt to each customer’s desires and conditions. The Root Chair is the largest 3D printed item of furniture made in one single piece.

The Julia.MGX chandelier is based on the fractal structure of the “Julia set” which can be found in mathematics. In essence, the Julia.MGX is a 3-dimensional projection of a 4-dimensional shape, and as a result, looks different from every angle - showing what surprising, imaginative and original forms can be brought about when art, science and technology are merged.

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